Monday, 20 October 2014

Vision Board-Living Room

  So I recently moved into a four bedroom, two bathroom house with a friend and let's just say I was overwhelmed by the amount of space that needed to be filled! We were provided with a dark grey couch and matching recliner, light wood coffee table, t.v stand and side table. We used the couch as a base for our colour choice.
   We finally decided we'd like to go with a blue to accent the grey and eventually just went for teal since it's so in right now and easy to find. We purchased teal pillows from Bouclair, teal floor lamps shades with a silver stand from Ikea, teal curtains from Winners, a teal side table cart from Ikea and then broke up the colours with a grey accent rug from Target.

   My absolute favourite part of the living room in the Litographs that were purchased from, we ordered a Great Gatsby litograph as well as a Phantom of the Opera one. A litograph is a silouhette poster thant contains an entire book in the background. These posters are amazing for people who love literature and look fantastic framed. Check them out! They even allow you to customize the color and size of your poster. So chic!

   Most of our decorations and furnishings were purchased from Ikea, and Target check them out for great prices on home decor. The vision board is an overview of the colours and concepts. Hope you enjoy and get some great ideas for your own home.
Vision Board-Living Room

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